Mobile Laboratory.

"A laboratory on-the-go will provide greater flexibility for those areas which have difficulty to access to medical infrastructure"


Mobile Diagnostics Testing Laboratory

Mobile Diagnostic Labs & Containerized Isolation Medical Centre

The implications of current trends in molecular infectious diseases are moving towards high-throughput, simple, array-type technologies that will provide a wealth of data regarding types of organisms present in a sample and the virulence factors/resistance determinants that influence the severity of the disease. As a result of these developments, the treatment will more accurately and effectively treat infectious diseases.

Instead of relying on centralized labs, the Mobile Diagnostic Test Lab (MDTL) will provide greater flexibility for areas with difficulty accessing medical infrastructure. This offers a packaged solution to solve issues with highly technical molecular testing, providing a certified and calibrated equipment array suited for the partnered kit. Eventually, these mobile labs done for the tests can be deployed in the “HOT” areas or quarantine zones as compared to crucial centres, effectively bringing diagnostic testing and results rapidly to point-of-need rather than point-of-care

Mobile Diagnostic Test Lab for Infectious Diseases

Medical solutions to national community to help and  prevent further spread of infectious diseases such as Coronavirus. 

  • 14-40ft Trailer base Truck
  • 14-40ft Mobile Lab Box Body on flatbed Trailer chassis

Due to the highly infectious nature of diseases in recent times, unique containment systems and biological safety cabinets (BSCs) found in a biosafety level (BSL) 2+ laboratory will be required to manipulate patient samples to ensure the safety of laboratory workers with appropriate uni-directional airflow from centralized HEPA-filtered air handlers provided. One key safety feature of our MDTL is removing air within the containment space extracted at a low level, thus minimizing the potential risks of contaminants staying far away from the human breathing zone.



The Mobile Diagnostic Test Lab is a scalable mobile biosafety level (BSL) 2/2+ capability laboratory, which was purpose-built to be compliant to international guidelines released by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centre for Disease Control (CDC) as well as Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories, US guidelines.


Aside from BSCs, Real-Time PCRs, Auto Extraction systems, workbenches and optional disinfection and bio-decontamination hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)-based systems can also be integrated. The decontamination systems aid to eliminate health risks in the entire facility due to exposure to dangerous microbes during an adverse event such as a spill and prevent cross-contamination.